Monday, November 12, 2007

My Wine Schedule

Spontaneity frightens me. On Sundays, I need to have a good sense of what lies in the week ahead: how far I will run each morning, what big meetings I have at work, what body parts I will work out each night at the gym, my I will eat each night for dinner, and what social plans I have to look forward to. As I have become interested in learning about wine, I have begun to plan ahead for the wines I will drink during the week.

Below are the drinking plans I have made for the week:

Monday: Returning from trip to Tennessee early in the morning. Will be tired. Takeout Chinese. Beer would pair best, but a glass of the Riesling I have planned for Tuesday will do.

Cooking Chinese Style braised pork shoulder and daikon. Should be a spicy dish. Perfect! I have a Riesling I picked up at Moore Brothers about a month ago.

Wednesday: It's my first Wine Blogging Wednesday (WBW #39). The theme is "Silver Burgundy," so I'll pick up a Maconnais from Moore Brothers. Will pair it with pan roasted chicken breast and roasted butternut squash.

Finish up the Maconnais.

Running a 4 mile race on Saturday morning, so will have my usual pre-race meal of linguine with shrimp in a white wine sauce. I have a Gruner Veltliner on hand, so will go with that.

I agree that sometimes the most enjoyable thing about wine is it's spontaneity. After all, what else can beat popping open a sparkling wine to celebrate good news or randomly uncorking a California Cab to have with friends? However, I live alone and do not have an extensive wine cellar, so I cannot always guarantee that I will have the right wine on hand at the right moment. Planning out my what I will drink over the course of the week keeps my wine education on track. Check back tomorrow for a tasting note of tonight's Riesling-- my planning was very successful!

Does anyone else have a wine schedule?


RougeAndBlanc said...

Interesting way to drink wine. In our household, we tend to drink 'better cuvee' on the weekends with a more relaxed meal. For weekdays, it is just the leftovers or a 'slurping' wine.
P.S. I like your blog title - very honest.

Eddie H. said...

Welcome, Andrew, and thanks for commenting my blog. Usually, my strategy is the same as yours: leftovers/"slurpees" during the week and nicer wines on the weekend. I assume the average wine enthusiast does the same. This week, I have had nicer wines than usual during the week, so I'll probably compensate by drinking lesser wines on the weekend.