Friday, November 2, 2007

Welcome to OeNo!

I know what you are thinking: "Just what the Internet needs: another wine blog..." The difference between OeNo! and all the other wine blogs is that I know next to nothing about wine. Yes, just what the world needs: a wine blog by someone who is an idiot when it comes to wine.

I began my foray into wine at the beginning of this year. While I have learned a decent amount about wine in the last 11 months, I am still very much a novice. I know I enjoy Italian reds, Old World Chardonnays, most things from Spain, dry Rieslings, and small production wines, but my tongue has only tasted the tip of the vine. I am unable to identify the notes of blackberry in a Syrah, tobacco in a Ribera del Duero, or cat's pee in a Sauvignon Blanc (actually, for some reason, cat's pee is the one flavor I have ever successfully deciphered, no idea why...). I have spilled wine when I swirl it in a glass, coughed when an acidic wine hit the back of my throat, and mispronounced countless numbers of wines that I have asked for at wine shops and restaurants.

I am launching this blog to track the progress of my wine education. On the journey, I will post everything that I taste and learn. I invite other to read along, join me in learning more about wine, and post comments to further educate others and me on the wonderful world of wine. Let the journey begin!

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