Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tasting Note: 2004 Bodegas Alto Almanzora Monastrell Almeria Este

The Story: So shoot me: I like inexpensive, jammy, alcoholic wines. Many of the wine experts whom I respect the most say that fruit bombs are all that are wrong with the wine world, but in the last few weeks, I have had three Monastrells, all under $15, all bursting with fruit, and I have loved each and every one of them. Tonight was no exception. The 2004 Bodegas Alto Almanzora Monastrell Almeria Este was $9.99, 13.5% alcohol content, and the perfect wine to have with leftovers on Hump Day of a very busy work week.

The Region: After inputting this wine into CellarTracker, I see that it is from Andalucia, Spain. This surprises me, as I did not know that dry wines from Andalucia were imported into the US. Andalucia, of course, is Sherry country, but when I was there this past spring, all of the red wines I tasted were mediocre at best. At least I only spent $10... Bodegas Alto Almanzora on Google Maps

The Grape: Monastrell. This grape is known as Mourvedre in France. Wines from Spain tells me that this grape is a "red, very sweet and productive grape. It produces wines with a deep colour and considerable alcoholic content."

The Look: Very dark purple. I cannot see my fingers on the other side of the glass-- an auspicious sign for a lover of big reds.

The Aroma: Fruit bombs are a wine newbies best friend because it is easy to discern the fruits in the aromas. There is no question with this wine; with one deep inhale, I smell cherries all the way to my lungs.

The Swish: It is jammy alright. A definitely cherry bomb with a nice long finish. My mouth is coated with the wine long after my first sip. I think this means that the wine is tannic, but I will have to look that up in one of my wine books later. At $10, I do not expect a very complex wine, and this is not complex at all. Nonetheless, it is very enjoyable.

The Verdict: Once again, I find success in the under $10 category once again with this fruit bomb. At $10, I do not expect a very complex wine, and this is not complex at all. Nonetheless, this one was very enjoyable. I will have to taste a Mourvedre soon and compare it to the Monastrells. A blind tasting will soon be in order.

I have now had luck twice in a row in the under $10 category. I am not going to test my luck, so I promise that the next wine I taste will be above $10. Stay tuned...

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